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Start training on this collection. Each time you skip or complete a kata you will be taken to the next kata in the series. Once you cycle through the items in the collection you will revert back to your normal training routine.


A description has not yet been added for this collection.

77816488% of 8,64967,966g964
96020388% of 9,43672,084g964
712290% of 5973,219PG1
3969792% of 1,3229,481suic
5 kyu
591195% of 2171,520Frzy
501489% of 132531KenKamau
731092% of 3244,833bkaes
192292% of 4541,765Alpri Else
50790% of 3444,248xDranik
2077592% of 1,71512,171thecodix
9492% of 209772riyakayal
7 kyu
48989% of 5754,912xcthulhu
83614889% of 10,17680,774samranjbari
38712988% of 2,71325,933hakt
401292% of 2471,181DarkD1
581892% of 3803,301AkyunaAkish