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Start training on this collection. Each time you skip or complete a kata you will be taken to the next kata in the series. Once you cycle through the items in the collection you will revert back to your normal training routine.


A description has not yet been added for this collection.

56511488% of 6,64445,855g964
20393% of 165983matstc
68115488% of 7,17547,731g964
942992% of 4532,583suic
5 kyu
531094% of 1611,239Frzy
66892% of 2234,484bkaes
49392% of 1683,592JustyFY
161892% of 3641,382Alpri Else
35293% of 1132,947xDranik
7391% of 165591riyakayal
1765286% of 1,98513,787fyvfyv
2026187% of 2,66220,299jhoffner
351093% of 194972DarkD1
11389% of 179801A.Partridge
501492% of 2022,774AkyunaAkish
1144591% of 1,68412,895A.Partridge