Beta Kata Process

  • Oct 9, 2013

What is the Beta Process

After a kata is published and before it gets approved, it has to go through community approval (and difficulty ranking) in our beta process. The feedback during this process is vital to making sure all kata are of the highest quality.

Beta Process Voting

Codewars users with over 50 Honor, earn the privilege of contributing to the beta process and voting on kata approval and ranking.

This voting happens on the discussion/solutions page after attempting or completing a kata. Each vote that notes an issue should be accompanied by a comment explaining the specific fix or problem. Similarly, while a kata sensei can mark an estimated rank, each rank vote will help adjust it's difficulty.

Kata Approval

After a kata has received 5 approval votes from the community, fixed any issues, and reached a consensus on it's ranking, it's ready for the final step to come out of beta. At this point a moderator will review it to make sure all this criteria has been met, and release it as an official kata onto the site!

Earning Honor on Beta Kata

Taking beta kata earns you an additional +2 Honor per kata, for contributing to the process and the challenge of taking kata with potential issues. Then once a kata is ranked and approved you will also receive the honor and rank credit for official kata.


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