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CreatedFeb 6, 2016
PublishedFeb 6, 2016
Warriors Trained84082
Total Skips28192
Total Code Submissions131639
Total Times Completed21625
Ruby Completions940
Python Completions4968
JavaScript Completions6386
CoffeeScript Completions20
Haskell Completions305
Clojure Completions119
C# Completions1010
Java Completions2358
Elixir Completions198
C++ Completions1505
PHP Completions809
TypeScript Completions580
Crystal Completions22
F# Completions76
C Completions593
Rust Completions435
Swift Completions277
R Completions78
Shell Completions55
OCaml Completions25
Kotlin Completions474
Scala Completions143
Julia Completions31
PowerShell Completions25
Go Completions502
Nim Completions7
Racket Completions19
Reason Completions1
VB Completions23
Lua Completions53
Pascal Completions6
Perl Completions12
Elm Completions2
D Completions6
COBOL Completions4
Total Stars1131
% of votes with a positive feedback rating87% of 2929
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes2255
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes559
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes115
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