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Kata Ranking


This topic is meant to discuss the kata ranking system, used for determining the dan/kyu ranking of a kata.

Draft Structure

The following is a draft of what a ranking structure could look like. The idea is that this structure would be used as a guideline as to what a kata would be ranked. It would be used in addition to other factors such as average solution length, average time to complete, and possibly other factors.

The emphasis on this structure is to try to create a skills tree that encompases the many aspects of being a complete developer.

White (Beginner)

  • simple language features

Yellow (Novice)

  • complex language features
  • simple algorithms

Blue (Competent)

  • complex algorithms
  • simple design patterns
  • simple regex
  • simple detailed requirements

Purple (Proficient)

  • complex design patterns
  • complex regex
  • complex detailed requirements
  • simple reverse engineering
  • intermediate meta-programming
  • simple APIs

Black (Expert)

  • complex meta-programming
  • complex APIs
  • complex reverse engineering
  • AI
  • interpreters
  • expert regex/string parsing
  • expert design patterns?

A more detailed draft can be found here


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