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    @Спичкин, yes it hates your assignment, about "quality standarts" see:
    My first assignment has retired too, for same reason

    Try to research ideas that are not used it on Codewars

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    Good evening!

    @Voile: So what are your suggestions? As I understand it, your whole problem is that you simply do not like this assignment. I don't understand how I should solve this problem if you don't offer anything constructive. Left at least a reference to those "quality standards" that you use.

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    Have you done anything on beta process and curation...

    I actually have, instead of just complaining on Gitter all the time. The recent changes for auto-unpublishing beta kata with issues, and dealing with mediocre beta kata, were both directly caused by me, for example.

    by distorting everything that I say

    I am not distorting anything. I linked your original response, people can read it for themsevlves."Is circle geometry part of this curriculum" I have no idea why you think you are the final word on what is in the "syllabus of competitive programming", but I don't see why circle geometry could not be a part of it. I did read your other responses, and both of these kata very clearly qualify as something more likely to be found on Brilliant, rather than on LeetCode. In fact, if one drew out the data presented in the Pole-vaulting kata as a diagram, then bam, it becomes a geometry problem. They are both homework style problems, the only difference is that this one at least is generalised for three input variables instead of just one.

    by making another account that post such homework problems once per hour.

    You clearly didn't even make it through my whole post. All I did was reference your own argument to show that there was an argument for them, but that my opinion is that they are not satisfactory. This is consistent with my opinion on the pole-vaulting kata too.

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    @Kacarott: Fuck off. Have you done anything on beta process and curation instead of having a boner at specifically attacking and slandering me by distorting everything that I say? This seems to be your trend for an extended period of time. For being a roled user you are extremely untrustworthy. Just because people in Discord treat you as a pundit doesn't mean you're correct by any extent.

    There might be some right here, and there might be some wrong. No matter which, the words used to express this still count. I'd really advise to give more attention to the words used. Seriously.

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    Sorry, I didn't mean to create an argument...

    In my opinion, this is a good idea for a math problem. But for coding then I am not sure if it is a good idea, especially you have to solve it more with math knowledge but not coding knowledge...

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    This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

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    In my mind, generics are forming...

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    Voile is actually being contradictory here. Less than a week ago a user complained about kata which is just as (if not moreso) homeworky/mathy, and not coding related. But there Voile defended it saying:

    If you haven't been living under a rock you should've already noticed that there is a heavy focus of mathematics on competitive programming.

    So there is an argument to be made for these kinds of math kata, clearly. However my opinion is that these kinds of kata are not very satisfying from a coding perspective.

    What I do think might be interesting, would be a kata which super-generalises these kinds of geometry/angle problems. The "diagram" and known angles could be inputs, along with the labelled angle which we want to know. Then the algorithm must be able to find the answer itself. It moves almost all the math stuff to be done inside the algorithm, rather than as prework before implementing some trivial code.

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    So you're objecting to math related questions in cases where the math happens to be describable in simple language constructs within a given (programming) language, because 'that's not programming'? IMO coding is only useful when at some level of abstraction it solves problems that existed before the computer science domain modelling of the problem. Although on the other hand this may be because certain aspects of computer science are in fact founded on this particular (mathematical) way of modelling the world...

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    My JS knowledge isn't so good. But I can see from the point of @Voile:

    In general, Math kind of Kata is NOT JUST asking you to solve a math problem, it would also contain some perform type, restrition type and/or other types of requirement.

    The cycle would be like:

    working out the approaching -> coding -> debug your code or approaching -> pass

    And for this Kata, feel it would be like:

    working out the approaching by math-> Put the number/simple math function in code -> debug the math approach -> pass

    I am not really learning about coding, but math.

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    Hello again!

    First, I don't really understand what you are suggesting. Change title/description?

    Secondly, the meaning of this kata is a numerical solution of the problem in a general form, and not an analysis of special cases, as in a playlist. That is, in your language of analogy - it is proposed not to build one random diagram, but to write an algorithm for creating such diagrams. That's the whole idea, to write an "image generator".

    Thirdly, no one is adding fuel to the fire here. How offensive are these kata? What quality standards are you referring to?

    "Avoid creating blatant duplicates, and use the idea which has not yet been widely used to create a kata." - This kata is not a duplicate.

    "Do not use problems from other sites." - This task is not borrowed from other sites.

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    Continue from the issue below (because it was being derailed):

    I think you misunderstood. Nobody was mainly talking about the assigned difficulty of the kata. Homework katas is a kata quality issue: if I can put together a seemingly random diagram and publish it as content, nobody will treat content seriously anymore as we can then just procedurally generate infinite amount of them, that trains pattern recognition rather than the ideas.

    And many other similar tasks...

    First, lots of the katas you linked are irrelevant to the topic. Second, so what? Just because there are already many approved offending katas doesn't justify you adding more fuel to the fire. In fact some approved katas are being retired for not achieving kata quality standards.

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    If you so actively insist on the low difficulty of this kata, then I will change its rank to 6 kyu and close the problem.

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    More than a day has passed, so the problems are closed.

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