• Too simple.

  • Fix spelling error in the title

  • Oh, I see: shame!

  • This kata does not really get in any difficulty levels of codewars, As i understood from the poor task description, main task is to create an array variable, which has extremely easy solution which can be found anywhere if searched, and by my guess the kata would only require single test case that checks length of array, since user chooses them manually.

    So i wouldn't really consider this as appropriate Kata, adding difficulty to it is really nessecary.

  • Fihgt! Fgiht! Fhgit! :D :D

  • The comment was downvoted.

  • I actually do that on purpose. :P

    Perfection is divine, but it's still the goal to aspire to.

  • Let's try to be constructive: you should example tests, possibly random test cases and had some coding challenge to the mix to have a proper kata.

    Currently, this kata cannot even qualify as a bugfix kata of given code, the testing suite is poor (only two tests and not even so precise in their message) and I would recommend solving a few more problems before trying your hand into this kind of task :)

  • When one opens an issue, the downvote is automatic until the issue is solved.

  • Where's the kata ?

  • spelling erors


  • Amazing.

    In a bad way. :S

  • The author solved no real kata before...

  • This did not deserve a downvote (at least two). Man up and tell him what's wrong with his comment.

  • Useless description. No example tests. Totally unclear what is to be done, also because the error messages for the submit tests say "too many" when too few items are in the array, and "too few" when too many !?!

    And the submit tests don't test array elements are animals either, they can be anything (including undefined).

    Also, spelling erors everywhere.

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