• Well, I'll give you this at least: when you finish this kata you really feel like you earned it. :D

  • Many thanks, both have been approved. :)

  • Nice kata! I've rated it. :)

    As suggested below I think this kata needs more test cases, and some random ones. I'm happy to come back and approve it when you add some.

    Test.expect() is an old method that is generally frowned upon for testing now. You can use Test.assertEquals() to test strings. See here for more info.

  • I've rated and approved. :-)

    I have one suggestion. My first solution passed even though it only removed lower case 'a' and 'e'.
    The second time the random case caught it out. I'd suggest adding a test case that includes 'A' and 'E' or make it so that the random test case includes at least one uppercase letter, or you could add more random test cases.

    Nice kata either way!

  • Great, thanks!

    I will have to try and come up with something more devious to one-line it seems then. ;)

  • Thank you for the suggestion, and I'm glad you liked the kata (very impressive one-liner!). I will be sure to modify the test cases as soon as I get a chance today.

  • Nice beginner's kata. I'm guessing this is an old project you're unlikely to come back to, but this needs random test cases, and some user test cases.

  • It's not possible to totally anti-cheat this as you've paired it with an easier version of the problem. Someone only needs to solve the easy version and copy+paste solutions they find there.

    Rated/ approved as I learnt a few interesting things with this one, thanks!

  • Nice kata! I enjoy these short limitation challenges and will try the hard version. Rated and approved.

  • My pleasure I'm glad you liked it, and thanks a lot! I've accepted the translations. :-)

  • Thank you for getting back to me. I will be sure to try this again soon in that case.

  • When my solution uses sort off-site on the last test case it sorts the array in the appropriate order and returns the correct answer. Here it sorts the array in the wrong order and returns the wrong answer.

    Is sort disabled for this kata? If so, I'd suggest mentioning it in the description as its a little needlessly confusing otherwise.

  • Thanks for the kata, I enjoyed it. I only noticed one small bug. My code seems to always fail the first sample test case when I press 'run tests', even though it passes all the tests on submission.

  • I think the kata description should be updated to say no regex. I originally wrote a solution using String.prototype.replace (which isn't an Object or Array prototype method) only to find on submission that replace isn't allowed.

    I enjoyed this kata, otherwise.

  • This isn't an issue with the kata. Run through what your code does using console.log(arr) at the end of each iteration and you should see why it doesn't pass the second test.

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