• expected [ Array(14) ] to deeply equal [ Array(14) ]

    It's not debuggable

  •  Test
      'Judah',    'Wanda',
      'Enrico',   'Judah',
      'Michele',  'Ebba',
      'Kirk',     'Ebba',
    ] {
      Roselyn: 0.091,
      Judah: 0.41,
      Kirk: 0.585,
      Caterina: 0.149,
      Rossie: 0.747,
      Enrico: 0.86,
      Eda: 0.122,
      Chanelle: 0.598,
      Easter: 0.664,
      Ebba: 0.463,
      Michele: 0.215,
      Kaela: 0.428
    } 14

    Random tests sometimes generate cases with duplicate items in existingOrder

  • _ is often used as a variable that's unused (Other than in Lodash), it's just a variable name that doesn't really have a name.

  • Hiii...
    What is the use of _ in (_,i)? Please explain.

  • Thanks for the note. Unfortunately the JS test specs are now locked and I cannot edit them anymore.

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • Your writing is really concise, but I find it executes two extra operations. Under the hood, it converts to boolean, the main intent, then operates "!" twice.
    Plus it is harder to read, as the double negation isn't the main propose of the code, but the undelrying conversion that takes place.

  • if you're just evaluating if something is truthy or falsey, this is a much more concise method:

    const validateProperty = (objectForValidate, specificProperty) => !!objectForValidate[specificProperty]