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  • Not clearly specified

  • Not an issue.

  • The JavaScript translation needs a major overhaul; the full test suite consists of only 3 fixed tests.

  • How is this an issue? The challenge is the same in other languages, so if the ranking is an issue for C# then it's an issue for the other translations as well.

    Also note that this kata was published in 2013, when rankings were a little more "inflated" than they are now.

  • C# errors are the name of the collection rather than the content.

    Test Failed
    Expected is <System.Int32[2,2]>, actual is <System.Int32[1,1]>

    While in there, it would be really nice if the tabs were standardized to 4 spaces.

  • This problem is way to easy for a 5 kyu rating in C#.

  • Ok, that should be a suggestion then (improvements), not an issue (kata doesn't match the description or doesn't work). This kata ask you to give the results for a single player.

  • For this to be more appropriate to the given situation, it is impotant to consider DNS and DNF results which are when the solver Did Not Start or Finish their solve. Those times are automatically the worst time, and if they get 2 or more in 1 round they do not get an average.

    I would suggest passing these in as negative values.

  • The exaple test for C# does not work, you need to write your own examples. The actual test passes way to easily. I tried out (b==1)?2:8 and it worked as the only test cases are (2,1) and (2,4).

  • Something is not working for the C# version, can't even attempt as the languange doesn't stay selected.

  • Given that the disks will natrally be in order, and will have to be accessed Last in First out I think they are appropriate

    As far as code is concerned it doesn't quite matter anyway.

    Are their advantages of HashMap

    Guarantees that the discs are always distinct?

  • Hi

    Thanks for the advise, have modified the problem/solution to implment the Tuples.

    I do still prfer Stack over HashMap though. Given that the disks will natrally be in order, and will have to be accessed Last in First out I think they are appropriate. Are their advantages of HashMap I am not seing?


  • Shouldn't the input and output be something more sensible, like Tuple<HashSet<int>, HashSet<int>, HashSet<int>> and List<Tuple<int, int>>?