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    add a pic,sloved!

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    There are no random tests in JS version.

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    Provided link is broken so there's no way to decipher braille anymore.

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    Need random test in C++

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    Palindromization - Java 1.8.0_91(Java 8)
    I have problem with the exercise. When I run the sample test without modifying the code I get following error message.
    /workspace/java/src/KataTests.java:28: error: class, interface, or enum expected
    1 error

    I noticed that there is addition closing curly brace (}) with no opening brace.

    Default code

    public class Kata {
    public static String palindromization(String elements, int n) {
    return elements;

    Sample Test

    import org.junit.Test;
    import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;
    import org.junit.runners.JUnit4;
    public class KataTests {
    public void Error_Cases() {

        assertEquals(Kata.palindromization("", 2), "Error!");
        assertEquals(Kata.palindromization("123", 1), "Error!");
    public void Examples() {
        assertEquals(Kata.palindromization("123", 2), "11");
        assertEquals(Kata.palindromization("123", 3), "121");
        assertEquals(Kata.palindromization("123", 4), "1221");
        assertEquals(Kata.palindromization("123", 5), "12321");
        assertEquals(Kata.palindromization("123", 6), "123321");
        assertEquals(Kata.palindromization("123", 7), "1231321");
        assertEquals(Kata.palindromization("123", 8), "12311321");
        assertEquals(Kata.palindromization("123", 9), "123121321");
        assertEquals(Kata.palindromization("123", 10), "1231221321");

    } // No opening curly brace

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    Thanks! I thought it was my fault

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    In C++ the sample test returned an error with 0 test passed, while the full test were ok

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    Switched their places

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    For Java the assertEquals args are back-to-front for all test cases.

    • expected should be 1st.
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    I updated the testing method and a bit of the description...
    I hope it will be sufficient :D

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    Hi Detecter & Steffen too;-)... these facts were clear to me, it was more a hint to complete the description (normally these points would be an issue:-)). It's not the best way if you need to "google" all the information to solve a kata;-)! So thanks for the work here!

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    I edited the description to be more precise.

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    This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

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