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  • They are still not there. I am using python.

  • They were there when I went looking. If you don't see them, please refresh.

  • I have a couple of suggestions:

    1. Either, the rand range function description should be extended to include clear inclusiveness/exclusiveness of the bounds for the range.
    2. Alternatively, the error message should indicate which integer was expected but was missing, or which integer was unexpected.

    The test failure message does not indicate what the problem actually is, only that the tests has failed:

    Testing for: n=9, min=5, max=34
    Your answer did not pass the extra tests.  Make sure your answer is actually random.

    A better message alternative might be something like these:

    Testing for: n=9, min=5, max=34
    Result does not appear to be random, ran 1,000 tests and expected to see at least one instance of 5
    Testing for: n=9, min=5, max=34
    Unexpected value: 34

    Hope that helps! :)

  • I actually removed all those limits.

  • Needs example test cases for primes(n).

  • @KenKamau
    What kuchaguangjie says has some sense.... Anyway, whats the point of arguing when all there is to do is add one sentence for clarity?

  • Thanks for this. I too had problems properly visualising the cubeness.

  • ... that's illegal.....
    nice one tho

  • Just solved it using brute-force cause I gave up at trying #thiswasrough

  • You cheater. Never do that again :/

  • Sorry, you were right, the error was in my code. I already manage to resolve this kata. The most difficult 5kyu I made.

  • I did the JS translation. I tried the code below. The full test finised in 2111ms, and the log shows test completed in 568ms at the end. Maybe your issue was some server problem?

    var fold_cube=function(input_list){
      return false
  • If I write just a return false; statement, I also get a timeout in JavaScript, but this doesn't happen with python. Does anyone else manage to do in JavaScript?

  • The JS solution is possible, as one person has already completed it. The test amount in JS is the same as in Python, which runs slower than JS. This isn't an issue with the tests. In beta, the average assesed rank for this kata was 4kyu, but it was published as a 5kyu kata because it is easy to hardcode your solution (as mentioned in the discourse below).
    Happy coding :)

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