• ES6 -_-
    Me writing MinecraftPE mods on ES5.1 and not having this features, and silently crying in the corner...

  • This doesn't check for numbers in the input array.

  • I just maked my solution like this, i am learning a lot here!

  • Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Implementation of canvas animations as a tool for debugging was something I had considered while writing this kata; users @dnolan and @myjinxin2015 have executed this well in some of their katas.

  • Great kata,
    I'm an intermediate javascript user (was still early 4 kyu when i started it) and I managed to finish it with a lot of time and patience.
    I was able to see my progress in the puzzle during the testing and I've been able to solve this kata part after part, not getting bored with an over diffult math or something.
    Was a great chalenge. Next i'm gonna make this cleaner and maybe an html version with some animations of my solution to add it in my portfolio.