• Okay, I've changed the tests to match the description and fixed the mislablled test.

  • I just translated this to Python (I'm new here, so I hope I submitted it correctly), and spotted some serious issues in the JS version - some of the example tests are different from the examples given in the description, some are missing there, and some have a different label and different actual used input!

  • It should be fixed now.

  • After completing it on js and python can clearly say that php solution is not working correctly. Cases with 2 spaces between words return true. pls fix :)

  • In the table of examples, 4 is opposite / (example #3) and 5 is opposite - (example #4). The examples show all the possible values for the days and their opposites. How can we know what is opposite 2020? The table shows that 2019 is opposite 2025 (example #2) and 2021 is opposite 2027 (example #3). You can also work out that 2019 follows 2030 in the sequence (example #1 + #2, since 2024 and 2025 are in sequence on the date side and their opposites are 2030 and 2019), so the year range is 2019-2030 (inclusive). As for months, 8 of the 12 months are represented in the examples with their opposites, leaving two remaining pairs that can be slotted in the right spots in the sequence of months.

  • I'm with B4B here, without knowing the ranges you lack lots of information needed to solve the kata. Without knowing what's on "small days" tape, how can I tell what's the opposite of / or -? Without knowing how long is years tape, how can I know what's opposite of 2020? Are all tapes of the same length?

    Is this the part of the puzzle?

  • Blind, the stamp in the photo is not the stamp in the kata. The order of the month, date and year of the stamp in the photo is different, first of all. The photo is only meant to illustrate how such a self-inking stamp is designed. Consider this: if you were to take this kind of stamp and look at it from the bottom, you would only be able to see the values that are directly opposite the date that has been set. That's because the date is facing the top of the stamp where the inkpad is. The kata is asking: from the values that are visible (directly opposite the date), deduce the date values. Since the months, date and year values are on rotating tracks, the "puzzle" amounts to determining how many total values comprise the tracks and what the sequence of those values are. The description examples have been selected to make deducing this information possible. I hope that's useful.

  • a puzzle whose the rules aren't given correctly is still an issue.

    Like: "use the picture", but I cannot even read what's on it => issue.

    note: I didn't see the previous answers (notifications acting again?). I'll take another shot at it and see later if I feel the need to reraise. :p

  • It's a puzzle. Closing.

  • Fixed

  • Yeah, that gets unwieldy. Better to let this one go.

  • Thank you for the note, Johan. I agree with your observations. The task could be retooled for sums above 18 (to, say, 100, or even 1000) with double- or triple-digit addends. That would produce a rather unwieldy string, of course. Also, the kata has already been bombed and is on the verge of auto-retirement, so I'm wary of investing time into an overhaul at this point.

  • The output domain is really small, so hardcoding is an option. And you want complete test coverage, but that makes it easy to scrape expected values. ( You could have shuffled cases for the complete coverage, but that doesn't make scraping impossible. )

    A task with an output domain this small just doesn't make a very good kata. Hence my Somewhat vote. I'd apologise for downvoting the kata for something it can't really help, but all other votes are even worse without explaining what ( if anything ) might be improved.

    My only possible suggestion would be to invent tasks with larger output domains. So I won't mark that for this kata.

  • For JavaScript, module and require are disabled, and most prototypes are frozen (except Array and Fuction)


  • that was the point. :+1:

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