• Since this is a duplicate (as mentioned before) it should probably be retired.

  • Duplicate issue. There is an open issue about it already, please don't open another about the same or comment there with your suggestion.

  • This (and iirc a lot of others as well) is a duplicate. Also it's not... worth it, in the sense that there's a built-in function for that, which you can and most people use on other ordinary Katas. It would be challenging if you restricted the use of built-in functions.

  • Hi,

    yep it does, thx. This kata tho still suffer from the lack of random tests. If yu're still motivated to dig into that, just know that I began something there a long time ago... But I left it aside... :/
    If ever that can help you (maybe not, tho...)


    EDIT: I see you actually implemented some... I'd need to take a closer look (but not right now...)

  • I hope, new tests with 'IllegalArgumentException' as error signal will work.

  • Random tests ready.
    While working, accidentally dropped Blind4Basics' solution into the solutions section (however, with comment), sorry.
    I've used it as reference one to adjust tests.

  • Hello, Toderesa97, need a couple of hours more - do correction in random tests; will update them in a minutes and then write random wrong formatting test. Thank you!

  • Approved. Just make sure to modify the description accordingly

  • Will rework random tests a little, and write one for non-correct expression format.

  • I've just published updated version with 'IllegalArgumentException' as error signal, and portions of random tests.
    One's else solution is strong enough to pass them.

  • I'm trying to resolve kata issues and this can break previous solutions, sorry for that.
    Would it be convenient to edit in place?

  • These solutions are not the target of this kata: Integer.toString(a, 16), String.format("0x%X", a), Integer.toHexString(a)

    Are these methods supposed to be forbidden, or does this message mean "these methods will not return the exact expected output"? If it's the former, it should be enforced. If it's the latter, then mentioning this is pointless, and gives away the solution.

  • No sample tests.

    • no random tests
    • almost no tests at all
    • underspecified (mutation of the input? yes? no?)
    • not talking about the fact that builtins are accessible...
  • Maybe add the import for them ;)

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