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    • The expected formula is not given
    • Floats should be compared for approximate equality
    • There're already many katas like this
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    • The internal solution does not handle properly floating point errors. By chance, the inputs seems to not generate edge cases (or at least rarely, since my solution (correct about floating point) did not raise an error), but it has to be resolved properly:
      • what is the threshold so that one can considere that two results are equal?
      • update the internal solution and the description accordingly
    • len should be avoided as argument name since it's the name of a function...
    • not really important, but while we are at it: in the tests, instances should be named in snake case, not in full capital letters: anna and bob (as they are in the solution setup)
    • It would be better to update the code block about the Car object in python, so that the correct spelling of the properties are given in it, not as a note under it.


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    This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

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    You should specify precisely what the Cyrillic vowels are, it's not obvious to an outsider looking at the alphabet.