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  • When I Test my Code locally, it passes all Tests, but when i test it on Browser it just fails at test example3. I cant see any way how to debug the test and I cant understand any of the logs. Could you please correct this issue?

  • You have to return a list.

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  • Some of these tests are a little excessive. I am passing all the sample tests, but can't pass the final tests and can't compare because they're all too long to read and just say, "and x others"

  • thanks man,I finally managed to pull it off!!

  • search about "key sorting functions"

  • I'm new to this programming thing :D and , I'm stuck with 3 different arrays showing the 3 different sorting criteria.I know this is not stackoverflow but still..I need some help.How am I gonna be able to compare and rank the teams?

  • @ytorn I agree with you. From where I'm standing, there are only 3 few possible options:

    1. Maybe someone has mercy on us, and post a slightly larger dataset so we can debug our code (crossing my fingers on this one)
    2. Manually build ourselves a larger dataset (yikes!)
    3. Loose our honor and ask request the test cases here in codewars (My precious honor... lol)
  • I found an interesting thing - my sorting function is working perfectly in browser, but the result differs in codewars, that's why I can't solve the kata. And this this is not a first time when results differ. Would be very thankful for any advices or explanation.

  • @jsalinasf, I have faced exactly the same thing, and this is the main question - how to fixed something that is not visible. No errors, no timeout, nothing. Just half of tests is correct, another half is not and you can't discover what's wrong

  • Thank you all for taking the time to answer my question. @ytorn is correct, I can't use console.log() because of large size data. Just to clarify, I'm not receiving a timeout, the tests complete on time but the array Im returning is not equal to the expected one. I tried to login games, Rank, Team, For, etc but the only thing Im receiving is "expected [ Array(#) ] to deeply equal [ Array(#) ]". That's why I was wondering if maybe some good sould have a large dataset to test my code :)

  • Thanks for clarification!

  • Do you get a timeout? Then you may need to optimize your code. Otherwise I tried to debug my code by printing the table with Rank, Team, For, Against, GD, Points like in the description. Maybe this could be helpful.

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