• How i can import dictionary in VS?

  • Initial solution in Python should explicitly import ELEMENTS.

  • Python translation:

    What to do with empty strings (see issue)?

    • return [] (as in javascript)
    • return [[]] (more coherent)
    • don't test empty strings (current choice)
  • It is not clear whether simply accessing a spell without actually casting it should affect the wand's memory - many solutions do this, although that is most likely wrong.

    Edit: the author's solution memorizes a spell only when it is cast, so the aforementioned behavior is indeed incorrect, and this should be explicitly tested.

  • the tests have to be rewritten in a proper way (this should never have been approved in the current state: it's just a bad joke when it comes to maintain this... "thing" (polite version... x/) )

  • A couple of issues:

    • no basic tests
    • extended tests expect timeout of 11000ms but whole test suite execution time is capped to 12000ms by CodeWars. It seems something has changed on CodeWars side after it was published, as it seems impossible to pass tests now.
  • However, you should also be able to pass an optional third parameter, immediate, which, if truthy, will signify that the user wants the function to be executed on the leading edge of the interval

    // The first time, it will be logged immediately after the first call to myDebouncedFn()

    The "immediate" behaviour is very unclear.

    The current expected behaviour is to invoke the function inside debouncedFn immediately, which contradicts with the specs above and common sense. Being synchronously immediate rather than immediate at the next tick (as in setImmediate) is very different, and even lodash's debounce does the latter instead of the former.

  • Expected debounced function to accept same arguments as original function

    What? It's not mentioned in the description at all and it's not told how it should be handled.

  • A couple issues:

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