• Ruby 3.0 should be enabled (Refer this & this for more detail)
  • I'm confused...
    What characters are considered?
    I got them:

    Falsifiable (after 8 tests and 4 shrinks):
    expected: False
    but got: True

    Falsifiable (after 21 tests and 3 shrinks):
    expected: True
    but got: False

    so why '\231' is considered as a character but '\247' not?

  • hi, lately i stumble about weird validator errors thats stopping me from solving the puzzles -

    this time its "not in my house - Expected: false, instead got: true" - i suppose my program is tested against the string given in the console output, which is really strange, since my code returns "false" !!

    please check your tests, so we can finish the kata :-)