• um...this is what I had and it was saying SQRT wasn't a function...wtf..

  • Nice kata. Thanks :)

  • Nice Kata, but pleeease correct the spelling of the 'Right' method. It might also be worth considering changing the 'Pop Out' method to something else (unshift?) since 'Pop' tends to mean removing the last item in a lot of other languages. I know it is probably my fault for not reading your comment more carefully, but I was stuck on this one point for ages. (cf. principle of least surprise).

  • Very enjoyable - thank you :)

  • It's so nice to complete katas with some semblence of 'reality'. Thank you for this kata, I had a lot of fun with it!

  • Nice kata, though it would be nicer to see it reflect reality a little more. Why not return an error only for phone or version, depending on which is invalid? Why not use the original phone number?

  • It's really nice to see that someone can be helpful when juniors come up with basic questions. Well done cliffstamp!

  • Awesome! I did notice your other kata. I will check it out When I have time :)

  • Glad to hear you enjoyed it. It's been a long time since I played PvZ (bought it back in the day when it was just a desktop PC game) so I was a little fuzzy on some of the game mechanics (like 0 hp zombies absorbing all incoming flower pellets).

    By the way, if you're interested there's another kata I authored very similar in style to this one; it's based on the Tower Defense style games.

    Tower Defense: Risk Analysis

    EDIT: I've made an update to the Description for further clarification:

    Note that once a zombie's health reaches 0 it drops immediately and does not absorb any additional shooter pellets.

  • Lovely kata! I love katas that are based on something natural and fun rather than a contrived mathematical exercise. Like Blind4Basics, I also misunderstood the firing nature of numbered shooters. When you state that all numbered shooters shoot in unison, I assumed that the front zombie of each row would receive all the damage, even if its health dropped below zero, and the zombie behind would not take any hits until the next move. This certainly seemed to be the behaviour in the game, where zombies would drop to their knees and take all remaining hits for that move before falling flat and clearing the way to the zombie behind. It would be worth clarifying this behaviour in your instructions as I was stuck on this point for some days. Still, I enjoyed the kata. Well done.

  • thanks for the advice with the solution code, i am still learning :) it was only recently that i broke the habit of using:

    using namespace std;

    @Zorianff9 i belive the Exit Code:in red is becuase of the solution setup. When i go into edit it passes everything, but if i select the Solution Setup tab since there is nothing there it gives Exit Code: and some number. Im guessing when you do the run output there it shows both not sure why.

  • It passes everything if I fork it ( without saving ) and run it in there. Might just be less fortunate UI design.

    I'd approve it. @Moo even broke out the reference solution. :]

  • One thing that makes me wonder if that translation is right is when I view run output, it shows Exit Code: in red.

  • sorry about that i changed it to a function in there. I am not the best at this stuff, and i am still new to the translations and making kata's. I had trouble the first time i tryed to make it a function but realized what i did wrong there was i put it inside the It{}. and that made it give me a error. still learning how all the test case stuff works.

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