• True, so the other one is a duplicate :D

  • This was approved three years before that. How can it ever be a duplicate?

  • An excellent and original Kata.

    Very highly recommended!

    Thank you @falco.

  • .

  • yes, you are right :)

  • That might be a valid comment on the kata, but not on this specific solution. It's O(n), which is obviously optimal. A naive solution would be O(exp n).

  • approved

  • Taking it a step further; "needs random tests" is actually an Issue . Closing this one.

  • high-kyu kata you solved

    To include a ( the ) 1 kyu kata I created, and a 1 kyu kata I spent days solving, for which I received a modest amount of upvotes. I'm proud of that code. I take that personal.

    If you're not a troll, start behaving unlike one.

  • Three things to keep in mind.

    • It's good form to submit your solutions. I checked, and you did not submit solutions for several high-kyu kata you solved. That looks like you stole the code somewhere and grabbed the free ( to you ) points, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, for now. You also solved all of 9 kata before you published your first one. That's not enough to give you a feel for what is expected for kata created on here. See point 3.
    • When solving kata, CodeWars is here for you. You can submit your solutions for all to admire, and your code will generally not draw overly negative reviews. You might get tips, but you generally will not be publicly keelhauled for writing bad code.
    • When creating kata, YOU are here FOR CODEWARS. Your kata have to add value to the platform, not to you. Your code will be analysed and your kata are expected to adhere to de facto standards. Everyone can solve CodeWars kata; not everyone can create good CodeWars kata. Creating kata is very much playing a long game, and the bar is much, much higher than for solving kata. Because anyone, also the brandnew solver you once ( yesterday? ) were, can try his hand at your kata, and is supposed to have a good experience. That means interesting subject matter, well-written descriptions, well-implemented tests. See above mentioned documentation. Again, creating kata is not about you, it's about CodeWars.
  • Apparently accidental JS version deleted.


  • you should unpublish it and read this documentation

  • can you help me with this im confused with my own kata

  • ( JS )

    Kata is unsolvable. Try forking the example solution and running it - Error.

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