• +7 -7. Balanced! Very, very Good! =)

  • Damn, i feel so stupid, theres probably easy formula to calculate this not hard code.

  • This is dumb.

  • Are the coefficients always integers?

  • Ok I solved it by writing a mathematically equivalent expression apparently there's some tomfoolery with certain mathematical operations in SQL that I was unaware of and there is a way to typecast

  • Took me like 5 minutes to get the right solution and while my outputs perfectly match the expected they're somehow triggering the test case as floats instead of ints and I have no idea why because they're all integer values and they pass the test case of matching the expected results

  • super clever i actually love this one

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • Start by looking for the dependence of the first number of the pyramid row on the number of this row.
    If you get this formula, then you will determine the number for the beginning of the cycle, in which you will need to add up all the odd numbers of this series.

  • I think most people just comment just to make themselves feel cool

  • When i figured out the solution bey my self,i face palmed my self several time....

  • So I was able to solve this on here, it's pretty simple, but I wanted to go through and try to write it all out in VSCode. How would I do that? I want to put the triangle and the similar outputs in my file_name_spec.rb file to populate the solutions I need. I have everything as individual arrays (e.g. method_name([1]).to e(1), ([3,5].to e(8)) etc.) I'm trying to do it like this because I am new to programming and looking for work and have been asked to use my prefered editor to solve the problems I've been given in interviews and I'm not yet use to having to build out all the files on my own. In the course I took everything was already laid out for me, all I had to do was run bundle an solve the problem. Any help at all with how I could do this in VSCode would be great, thanks!

  • I just spend a lot of time to solve this kata, but when i saw solutions of other users...

  • Ranks of approved katas won't be changed so complaining for that is useless.

  • This is just a math question and should be 8 kyu

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