• Issue with your code, closing. Maybe you should read this

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • they do this a lot. even for enumering primes, they hardcode the fibonacci solutions

  • I had to create an object to map each alphabetic char with their ROOT13 counterpart, I need to study more ASCII methods.

  • The test suite doesn't provide much information at all when testing. It was mostly blank.

  • ok? for what?

  • ok?

  • my code in js works perfectly with all tests except:"How can you tell an extrovert from an
    introvert at NSA? Va gur ryringbef,
    gur rkgebireg ybbxf ng gur BGURE thl'f fubrf."
    when i try to just console.log the "str" in a defferent editor I get the error:"string literal contains an unescaped line break"
    If in the other editor i make the multi line string into a single line string, then my code can work with that and the rot13 translation is done.
    tried the str.replace(/\n/g, " ") but did not help
    pls help
    thanks :)

  • Any one up for a Scratch version? :)

  • Took advantage of this being a replica of Rot13 kata... kinda cheated by taking the coolest solution from the other kata... Maybe this one needs removing?

  • Okay

  • Added random tests for Python and test.assert_equals

  • No random tests in python. Also, it uses test.expect instead of test.assert_equals

  • There is a mistake in the "Random Strings" test! When random character is 'Z' the test expects 'g' instead of 'M'. 🤦‍

  • Value is not what was expected

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