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  • Ching Ching thanks for the info.

    According to the description "Flash then starts the next round by putting down the next card.", Flash always goes first.

    It appears that this rule is not consistant between the sample test and the test to complete the challenge.

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • Initially I faced the same problem. Later I read the kata description again and found the reason: (after snap) "Flash then starts the next round by putting down the next card." It's Flash, not Turtle.

  • I am having the same issue in PHP (same test). I can only find 2.

    I am unsure the tests are correct.

  • Cards coming back to the beginning of the array after Snap ?

  • In the Ruby :

    ['9', '5','4','4','A','8','4','3','K','J','J', 'Q','Q','9','8','5','J', '6','7','6','A', 'J','9','K','3','8']

    How is this six?

    It has been awhile since I played snap, but I only see two. One at the two 4's and the other at the two Queens.

  • Thanks for the fun Kata it almost beat me. I was stuck for a long time on the C++ version all because i forgot 1 line.

  • .

  • C++ translation. Please, review and approve.

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  • [ '3','K','5','A','5','6','7','J','7','9','10','Q','Q','6','8','7','4','J','8','9','K','J','10','4', 'K','4' ]
    [ '2','8','9','Q','A','K','6','3','J','2', '4','3','3','8',    'A','2','6','7','9','10','A','5','Q','10','2','5' ]
                                                              ^                     ^
                                                         T-8 and F-8           F-9 and T-9
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  • @vatsan just saw your solution I wanted my solution to be like yours but don't know how I end up writing this..
    and also why the hell I m using mk = True when i could have just use continue..instead.... lol xD thanks anyways...

  • yeah thanx @vatsan

  • --delete--ignore

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