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    avoid string concatenation

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    This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

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    Sorry and thanks! :)

  • 32236948?v=4
    • give the language, when you post issues or even questions
    • you're not following the expected precedence: you check the certificates only if all the required papers are provided.
    • note that you cannot debug using only one bulletin: rules take into account the previous days.
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    Hmm, it expects to have access permit, but its not required.
    (yeah, i know. My return value is not correct, i just wanted to copy-paste all the details :) )

    November 26th, 1982

    BULLETIN Citizens of Arstotzka require ID card
    Deny citizens of Impor
    Foreigners require cholera vaccination
    Wanted by the State: Wilma Roberts

    paper: passport
    NATION: Impor
    DOB: 1926.09.10
    SEX: M
    ISS: Tsunkeido
    ID#: IS26M-NDJ2S
    EXP: 1983.05.25
    NAME: Gregorovich, Aleksi

    paper: certificate_of_vaccination
    NAME: Gregorovich, Aleksi
    ID#: IS26M-NDJ2S
    VACCINES: polio, hepatitis B, tetanus

    expected:<...d: missing required [access permit].> but was:<...d: missing required [cholera vaccination].>
    In this case, we should simply deny him, right?

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    all good. :)

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    ok, approved.

  • 32236948?v=4

    Seems you're using the java version. There is already an issue about that just below and, yes, the translation is inconsistent for now (mostly about the work passes). There is a translation waiting for approval that should resolve the troubles. Closing here to avoid a useless duplicate issue (note: please read the discourse before posting issues and document it: language, and various data as I did below)

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    Are we supposed to check all documents for expiration or only required ones?

    I keep running into issues like denying due to expired stuff but I was supposed to deny due to banned nation. In those situations its always documents that aren't required, but are expired. Logically if i'm checking documents at a border I'm going to check everything for conformance, even if it's not a required document, right?

    EDIT: Actually it looks like this is completely inconsistent. If I check only required documents I fail because I'm not checking non-required documents. If I check all documents I fail because (I assume) it thinks I should only be checking non-required documents.

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    I mean, you can just change them yourself ;p

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    can you shorten the array names for java? I'm all for descriptive variable names but "max_values_of_planets_with_retrograde_orbits" and "max_values_of_planets_with_prograge_orbits" are ridiculously long. Maybe call the "progrades" and "retrogrades"?

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    Hi @joshua082390. I'll message to the translation author. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Quick suggestion, I did the java version and noticed you use List but don't import it to begin with, leaving it to the programmer to do this. I know it's small but it should be easy enough to change.

  • 22114719?v=3

    Well, that's a an hour of my life I will never get back... (but cheers for reporting back that all is ok now)

    The moral is: If your solution does not work but you are convinced it should, first thing to check is how many people solved if for that language already. If there are many, then the problem (or misinterpretation) is almost always going to be at your end.

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    You were right. I had swapped the order to see if it would fix a different error I was having but it ended up being something else and I forgot to switch it back. Thanks for your help

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