• The only difficulty of this kata rely on the verbosity of the objects property names (required debug only related to misspeling them ^^)... not fun :(

  • Tricky but nice! ;)

  • juliankolbe, maybe you could make another kata
    where you revenge the King of Woodlands through attacking
    his kingdom.

  • Not an issue if you've read the descriptions in the first place. The defender object does not have cavalry property:

    var defender = {
        armyHp: int,
        archer: int,
        footSoldier: int,
        artillery: int,
        resources: string, 
        reinforcements: {
          battleValue: x,
          inTime: bool
  • Hey there, I have added it to the description, yeah they were not supposed to have a cavalry as they are sitting inside a castle ;). The objects are exactly the way the are shown in the description :).

  • juliankolbe, in the sample test there is no cavalry value
    for the defenders. If you intended it, please write in the instructions,
    there may not be a (troop name) value or something like that.
    If you didn't intend it, please fix it. :)

  • This is just the unlimited knapsack problem, which means it's a duplicate to many existing katas.

  • Comon lets get it out beta alreadyy

  • I'm not sure if it ever comes out of beta, sounds easy, but a little bit thinking was necessary:-) (so you can see not many solutions at the moment, but more than 275 submits;-))...

  • Hey @smile67 yeah im having the same problem, nothing is working. Thanks a lot for the feedback, hope its gonna start working soon again, your 4 points surely would be a help in getting this thing out of beta some time this decade :D

  • @juliankolbe: Saw your response (thanks;-)), but the link doesn't work, can't find your message inside this "Discourse" here - so i answer at the wrong place (codewars is really faulty at the moment, nothing works...). So problem is solved, my solution works and is submitted. But perhaps a new mistake, it's only sometimes visible inside the solution page. Gave you 4 points, but it isn't recognized too. Did it again, but it's not working... Another problem is, that i'm not able to submit a new/other solution - if there is an older one, it's not possible to sumbmit a new one (always a codewars error "...issue...???" appears). It's not only my problem and i think a problem for all katas...

  • Hey sorry for the late reply, codewars did not send me a notification until now, seems a bit buggy at the moment. Did you figure out what the problem was?

  • Finished;-)... thanks again! One "helper point" for "myjinxin 8kyu":-)))

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