• New test framework should be used.

    • would be nice to have py3.6 available
    • you should use lowercased or snake cased argument's name, in python
    • by using named arguments in the calls, you forbid the user to change the variable names, that's a bit unfortunate (especially considering the above), so you chould do the calls in the usual manner func(string, 2, 6)
  • Thank you for your honest feedback!

    1. I've updated the description to be clearer about checking for EXACT lengths and EXACT occurences of streaks
    2. 'HHHHHH' would therefore be 0 matches for L=3, as it is a streak of length L=6.
    3. Added additional sample tests that include sequences longer than L
    4. Added a range of simple fixed tests
    5. Reduced the number of random tests to 500

    Hope that helps! :)

  • the task is largely underdescribed:

    • should we search for exact length?
    • should we check for exact number of patterns, or are we searching for number of matches >= N?
    • what about overlapping?

    => 'HHHHHHHH' is how many matches for L=3?

    Currently, your sample tests are showing only examples with exact matches, you never show what happens for sequences longer than L.
    And the fact that sample tests are only asking for N=1 or 2 doesn't help either...

    • you need fixed tests too in the test cases part (if there are, please use the describe/it blocks to break down your test suite)
    • 10000 tests...? Seriously? What's the point?? (EDIT: other than making my browser chock to death...? x/ )
  • Thank you for pointing that out! Should be fixed now :)

  • test case: THTHTHHHTHTTHTHHHHTHHHHTHHHTTHTTHHHHHHHTHHHTTHTTHHTTTTTHHHTTHTT with streak length of 4, occuring 2 times: True should equal False