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  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • Thanks! I fixed the namespace.
    You also make a great point about using static.
    I guess I was thinking about it as a first step to making a class that would not be empty.
    But as far as coding THIS kata, I completely agree.
    I'll have to think about it some more but I'll either update the description to indicate that more clearly or I'll change it to work as static.

  • Initial code has the wrong namespace and class name.

    Moreover, shouldn't GetCell be a static method? I don't see why we have to instantiate an empty, useless class just to use a method.

  • lol, I just saw this as a smile comment at first. Now I relize it is answer to my question before I even ask. Wish the tests had caught it or that I had relized to add it as a test case.

  • We made same solution. My initializer just on one line :)
    I like this way because:
    Just uses Linq so do not have to bring along 2 libraries.
    Set of valid smileys is small and not likly to change once specified for the project; so why not just make array. Also really simple to add/remove valid smileys if it did.
    And very simple for pretty much anyone to read the code.

    I'm curious why you recomend RegEx over this?

  • Sure it's spelled out in the description to round down, but it still also bugs me that we don't cover full cost.

  • Was thinking when I read that the photocopier reversed it, that it would be somthing more like mirror symmetry (110|011).
    Maybe say it inverted the digits instead of reversed?
    Thanks for kata!