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    the last note said that this is indexed from [1..n] (not zero indexed!)

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    Crystal translation still waiting :)

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    I think that the final test use antoher value that is not a string, if you run with the sample test you can see that in fact, "*" is a string

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    when there are foot notes in a kata, take care to read them carefully...:

    NOTE: this is indexed from [1..n] (not zero indexed!)

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    JS and Crystal translation kumited :)

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    This kata doesn't make sense. The instructions say:

    '''We want to know the index of the vowels in a given word, for example, there are two vowels in the word super (the second and fourth letters).

    So given a string "super", we should return a list of [2, 4].

    index numbers begin at 0 in lists, the vowels in 'super' would be at 1 and 3

    If we want to know the order in the list as opposed to index number the instructions on the kata should be amended to reflect this.

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    My tests are all passing but failing on submission. I think the tests should be amended or more guidance should be given as to what the contraints are.