• Thank you for pointing me to the git page. I see this issue has been discussed now for man years. Hss there been any protypes or newer versions impimented in this time frame?

  • Does any of the Mods(or whoever makes decisions) read these? There is alot of feed back for the upvote system and nothing has been changed.

  • I agree with this!

  • I agree with this. Too many newbs (myself included) give out thier first best practices upvotes to those solutions that deserve instead a clever (at best). Was there ever a tutorial explaining the difference? Some solutions do have a clever looking best practice though, so it's a tough thing to explain. Fortunatly, people seem to have figured out the correct response once they are solving 5 Kyus.

  • I agree with alot of the other indiviuals in this discussion on the point that there is way to many upvotes for hard to read, hard to maintain and hard to understand one line code solutions. Just because you can do it in one line using lambda or list comperhension does not always make it the best practice, cleaver maybe but definitely not always the best practice. This is teaching new individuals like myself the wrong way to code. If you submit some of these solutions to a company in real life you are liable to be laughed out of the room. My suggestion is to remove the upvote capabilty from individuals until they reach a level of 5 or 4 and hopfully by then the will understand the difference in cleaver and best practice.

    Maybe have to submission for each kata, one for best practice and one for cleaver.

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  • It's a problem with your code, fix it.

  • So is the space at the end of my string an issue or am I missing something here?

    '20 8 5 19 21 14 19 5 20 19 5 20 19 1 20 20 23 5 12 22 5 15 3 12 15 3 11 ' should equal '20 8 5 19 21 14 19 5 20 19 5 20 19 1 20 20 23 5 12 22 5 15 3 12 15 3 11'

    I have aspace after the last 11 in the string and im getting failed for it. Do i Need to correct this or is this a flaw in the testing?

  • Thank you

  • But big result.
    That makes the difference.

    PS : hope not too easy now...
    Édit :
    Post PS: not interested to work in your company with such rules ( mainly because of poor interest to have zéro day off :-) )

  • I tried but it seems impossible to modify the tag, sorry!

  • I slightly modified the description with a small hint.

  • Description slightly modified. I hope it is a bit more explicit.

  • Description slightly modified. I hope it is a bit more explicit.

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