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    "Hi, I am {firstName} {lastName} and it is nice to meet you."
  • Hi, I think he means:

         v                                               v    
    "Hi, i'am {firstName} {lastName} and is nice to meet You."


    suic :)

  • Czesc, wichu! Nie badz zniechecony. Zgadzam sie z toba. Ja chce tez raczej programowac i nierozumie dlaczego sa duplikacje problemem.


  • Thanks! It can be difficult searching at times if the titles don't match the keywords you enter but I think many people on here would agree that solving the same katas over and over can be a bit boring.

    I'm not trying to discourage you from authoring katas. I'm just saying if you make them a bit more difficult than one liners, you have a much better chance of it being unique.

    Try searching for caesar sometime, there are way too many Caesar Cipher katas! Some of them are very unique and fun, but most are just duplicates of the same basic problem over and over...

  • You don't see the similarities? I have no issue if you want to make Haskell katas! My only question would be, why not make Haskell translations of katas that are already made. These simple katas are not unique in anyway. If you search for even 2 minutes you will be able to find duplicates of most of your katas.

    Adding translations may not get you as many points, but it would achieve the same goals (if you just want to help people learn!).

  • Thanks, could be. But there were multiple translation he'd approved. I assume that for some of the translations he could see the button for others not. I don't understand this behavior.



  • The author can click +, and then find the translation.

    The translator can also send a link to the author ;-)

  • I've reported this as a bug. Will see. Thanks.

  • Done, thanks.

  • Just fixed the errors of the second one ("Keep Info Up-To-Date" at https://www.codewars.com/kata/5705418c58b58f269c00193a)

  • For example what's wrong with "Part 1: Evil Programming Government Restrictions"?
    Just submitted a solution without problems...