• Thanks man, I wouldn't have figured it out if it weren't for you. The description really needs a rework.

  • One of the generated tests (in attempt) contained an array [0, 1, 2, prop: 3], and 3 as a sum. The answer should be [1, 2]. But the solution was [0, NaN]. This made the brain work harder. Garbage collection from the initial array helped. But the second try (after TRAIN AGAIN) didn't contain such arrays. It's a surprise. Console.log(numbers) at the code can help find bug in the generated tests.

  • That's a good point, but code tracing is something that every wannabe developer should be aware of. If you will need the original arg in any other place in your code, you can't mutate it and if not, that's not a thing. This is something that should be learned at a very early stage of coding.

    As codes are abstractions, you ALWAYS should be AWARE of the CONTEXT where it is inserted.

  • Thanks, I did not even notice that version 3.6 was installed

  • If you are using Python, make sure you select 3.8 version at the top of the trainer page.

  • I get "No module named 'codewars_test'", am I doing something wrong?

  • The tests should include cases where a seach string contains regex operators such as *.
    Many solutions are parsing the first argument directly as regex without any checks and then produce a SytaxError when called with something like:

    The descriptions says that the methods should "replicate the functionality of the original methods", which these solutions aren't doing.

  • A "word" is a sequence of alphabetical characters. By this definition, any other character [...] will split up a series of letters.

    Anything that isn't A-z

  • How do you know which special characters should be used to split the string ? I don't think the instructions were very specific.

  • The tests produce too much output (more than 600+ MB of memory).

    The issue below should answer all of it

  • Is this kata alive?
    What happened with tests? My web browser almost halt on submit.
    Could someone explain please if it is worth wasting time on this kata?

  • You have to learn to debug your code, nobody is paid to do the job for you. See: https://docs.codewars.com/training/troubleshooting/

  • Hi I tried to slice the array if there is more than 2 numbers and is still showing errors

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

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