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  • 1228739?v=3

    orig and other have type List, the result is a List that consists of all values of orig followed by all values of other.

    Look at the examples:

    list1.toString() # "(3)"
    list3.toString() # "(1 2 3)"
    list1.append(list3).toString()  # "(3 1 2 3)"

    Does that help?

  • 2293731?v=3

    I don't understand
    The orig.append(other) method will create a list which is a concatenation of all nodes in orig and all nodes in other and which shares as many nodes as possible with orig and other (while still being a singly-linked list).

    What is concatenation of all nodes?
    All the values added together?

  • 2293731?v=3

    The solution doesn't work when being tested, but works when submitted that's not good