Ranking & Honor

  • Oct 1, 2013

Kyu/Dan Ranks

For a description of the ranks see our About.

Currently we use an algorithm that advances you based on how hard the kata is compared to your current rank - the harder the kata the faster you advance. The strictly math based algorithm, advances you to the next rank after completing 10 kata of the next rank. Completing difficult kata further from your rank results in advancement after fewer completions. Due to the pure math based approach, the order in which you complete kata will not affect your rank progression


Users earn honor for each kata they complete, for each kata they author, each time a rank is earned, for each upvote on comments or authored kata, and honor for referrals signed up through the referral link.

Honor for completing kata is awarded based off of belt color.

Click here to see a table with all of the honor you can earn.


As you increase your honor, you will be rewarded with additional site privileges. Click here to view the table on which privileges you can earn.


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