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CreatedSep 28, 2012
PublishedMay 18, 2013
Warriors Trained1767647
Total Skips9869
Total Code Submissions2583011
Total Times Completed1888609
JavaScript Completions511512
CoffeeScript Completions4893
Ruby Completions90020
Python Completions342327
Haskell Completions10410
Clojure Completions5600
Java Completions308479
C# Completions156356
Elixir Completions4604
C++ Completions125053
TypeScript Completions10564
PHP Completions57493
Crystal Completions822
Dart Completions1600
Rust Completions5594
F# Completions1897
Swift Completions16719
Go Completions12216
Shell Completions6545
C Completions43417
Lua Completions259
SQL Completions19281
BF Completions177
R Completions357
Nim Completions77
Erlang Completions239
Objective-C Completions133
Scala Completions444
Kotlin Completions379
Solidity Completions157
Groovy Completions84
Fortran Completions60
NASM Completions107
Julia Completions106
PowerShell Completions215
PureScript Completions43
Elm Completions97
OCaml Completions47
Reason Completions34
Idris Completions36
Racket Completions42
Agda Completions30
Coq Completions13
Total Stars576
% of votes with a positive feedback rating77% of 6641
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes4214
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes1797
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes627