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CreatedSep 28, 2012
PublishedMay 18, 2013
Warriors Trained5615647
Total Skips58287
Total Code Submissions6693433
Total Times Completed5492821
JavaScript Completions1579171
CoffeeScript Completions5646
Ruby Completions142078
Python Completions1358781
Haskell Completions20894
Clojure Completions9901
Java Completions808659
C# Completions423270
Elixir Completions8935
C++ Completions383655
TypeScript Completions56742
PHP Completions153242
Crystal Completions1955
Dart Completions21505
Rust Completions26846
F# Completions4554
Swift Completions45800
Go Completions53451
Shell Completions22036
C Completions205110
Lua Completions4654
SQL Completions77810
BF Completions482
R Completions1401
Nim Completions261
Erlang Completions585
Objective-C Completions414
Scala Completions5690
Kotlin Completions17235
Solidity Completions957
Groovy Completions1424
Fortran Completions229
NASM Completions1006
Julia Completions543
PowerShell Completions1338
PureScript Completions245
Elm Completions395
OCaml Completions365
Reason Completions219
Idris Completions253
Racket Completions1419
Agda Completions371
Coq Completions580
VB Completions839
Forth Completions180
Factor Completions166
Prolog Completions325
CFML Completions305
Lean Completions495
COBOL Completions430
Haxe Completions138
CommonLisp Completions440
Raku Completions146
Perl Completions334
Pascal Completions382
D Completions166
λ Calculus Completions110
RISC-V Completions79
Total Stars2269
% of votes with a positive feedback rating82% of 29194
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes20758
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes6357
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes2079