8 kyu


1,521,863 of 5,351,815


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CreatedSep 28, 2012
PublishedMay 18, 2013
Warriors Trained5506247
Total Skips51382
Total Code Submissions6481849
Total Times Completed5351815
JavaScript Completions1521863
CoffeeScript Completions5604
Ruby Completions140143
Python Completions1317406
Haskell Completions20582
Clojure Completions9769
Java Completions793296
C# Completions414833
Elixir Completions8803
C++ Completions374005
TypeScript Completions53636
PHP Completions150362
Crystal Completions1910
Dart Completions20451
Rust Completions25449
F# Completions4486
Swift Completions44619
Go Completions51488
Shell Completions21491
C Completions199489
Lua Completions4368
SQL Completions74882
BF Completions444
R Completions1267
Nim Completions231
Erlang Completions532
Objective-C Completions371
Scala Completions5445
Kotlin Completions16193
Solidity Completions710
Groovy Completions1368
Fortran Completions204
NASM Completions955
Julia Completions491
PowerShell Completions1154
PureScript Completions217
Elm Completions361
OCaml Completions303
Reason Completions200
Idris Completions229
Racket Completions1347
Agda Completions311
Coq Completions536
VB Completions702
Forth Completions153
Factor Completions146
Prolog Completions280
CFML Completions259
Lean Completions459
COBOL Completions378
Haxe Completions118
CommonLisp Completions358
Raku Completions120
Perl Completions288
Pascal Completions299
D Completions120
λ Calculus Completions73
RISC-V Completions37
Total Stars1984
% of votes with a positive feedback rating82% of 26307
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes18547
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes5850
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes1910