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CreatedSep 28, 2012
PublishedMay 18, 2013
Warriors Trained4816026
Total Skips37318
Total Code Submissions5243213
Total Times Completed4257580
JavaScript Completions1162627
CoffeeScript Completions5357
Ruby Completions128741
Python Completions1002884
Haskell Completions18252
Clojure Completions8854
Java Completions656688
C# Completions343104
Elixir Completions7910
C++ Completions305719
TypeScript Completions37235
PHP Completions124608
Crystal Completions1651
Dart Completions13173
Rust Completions18250
F# Completions3960
Swift Completions36657
Go Completions38867
Shell Completions17416
C Completions154168
Lua Completions2645
SQL Completions55931
BF Completions371
R Completions1026
Nim Completions176
Erlang Completions447
Objective-C Completions291
Scala Completions3844
Kotlin Completions9404
Solidity Completions367
Groovy Completions929
Fortran Completions154
NASM Completions693
Julia Completions374
PowerShell Completions846
PureScript Completions156
Elm Completions286
OCaml Completions228
Reason Completions154
Idris Completions170
Racket Completions946
Agda Completions230
Coq Completions408
VB Completions495
Forth Completions111
Factor Completions98
Prolog Completions190
CFML Completions178
Lean Completions317
COBOL Completions309
Haxe Completions76
CommonLisp Completions195
Raku Completions69
Perl Completions184
Pascal Completions162
D Completions17
Total Stars1499
% of votes with a positive feedback rating80% of 20442
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes13933
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes4890
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes1619