8 kyu


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CreatedSep 28, 2012
PublishedMay 18, 2013
Warriors Trained5639442
Total Skips61211
Total Code Submissions6742588
Total Times Completed5513555
JavaScript Completions1588926
CoffeeScript Completions5662
Ruby Completions142262
Python Completions1366014
Haskell Completions21005
Clojure Completions9925
Java Completions810724
C# Completions424582
Elixir Completions8969
C++ Completions386183
TypeScript Completions57275
PHP Completions153677
Crystal Completions1969
Dart Completions21680
Rust Completions27150
F# Completions4578
Swift Completions45959
Go Completions53996
Shell Completions22182
C Completions206149
Lua Completions4729
SQL Completions78557
BF Completions497
R Completions1459
Nim Completions268
Erlang Completions604
Objective-C Completions423
Scala Completions5726
Kotlin Completions17436
Solidity Completions1032
Groovy Completions1449
Fortran Completions242
NASM Completions1038
Julia Completions562
PowerShell Completions1420
PureScript Completions251
Elm Completions410
OCaml Completions404
Reason Completions227
Idris Completions262
Racket Completions1437
Agda Completions391
Coq Completions605
VB Completions885
Forth Completions193
Factor Completions173
Prolog Completions346
CFML Completions322
Lean Completions515
COBOL Completions453
Haxe Completions146
CommonLisp Completions469
Raku Completions152
Perl Completions355
Pascal Completions418
D Completions178
λ Calculus Completions123
RISC-V Completions92
Total Stars2469
% of votes with a positive feedback rating82% of 30540
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes21805
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes6576
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes2159
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