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Status:Testing & feedback needed
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CreatedSep 28, 2012
PublishedMay 18, 2013
Warriors Trained4473988
Total Skips25993
Total Code Submissions4334384
Total Times Completed3462364
JavaScript Completions925162
CoffeeScript Completions5150
Ruby Completions118496
Python Completions780416
Haskell Completions16025
Clojure Completions7975
Java Completions550787
C# Completions284248
Elixir Completions6932
C++ Completions247952
TypeScript Completions26970
PHP Completions102178
Crystal Completions1372
Dart Completions8081
Rust Completions13626
F# Completions3429
Swift Completions30807
Go Completions29795
Shell Completions13984
C Completions118179
Lua Completions1263
SQL Completions43654
BF Completions319
R Completions816
Nim Completions149
Erlang Completions394
Objective-C Completions247
Scala Completions2399
Kotlin Completions4917
Solidity Completions281
Groovy Completions540
Fortran Completions130
NASM Completions468
Julia Completions291
PowerShell Completions644
PureScript Completions119
Elm Completions244
OCaml Completions180
Reason Completions121
Idris Completions135
Racket Completions558
Agda Completions163
Coq Completions278
VB Completions351
Forth Completions83
Factor Completions71
Prolog Completions126
CFML Completions134
Lean Completions201
COBOL Completions201
Haxe Completions53
CommonLisp Completions107
Raku Completions39
Perl Completions88
Pascal Completions60
Total Stars1194
% of votes with a positive feedback rating79% of 15769
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes10458
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes3969
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes1342