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Function 1 - hello world

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CreatedSep 19, 2013
PublishedSep 19, 2013
Warriors Trained104216
Total Skips4702
Total Code Submissions205320
Total Times Completed80051
JavaScript Completions30671
Ruby Completions4967
Python Completions17092
Java Completions9130
Haskell Completions887
C# Completions4314
Elixir Completions520
R Completions472
PHP Completions2201
Objective-C Completions69
Lua Completions336
Julia Completions267
Groovy Completions100
Go Completions2311
Crystal Completions66
Dart Completions822
PowerShell Completions452
Clojure Completions373
NASM Completions121
CoffeeScript Completions52
C Completions2376
Shell Completions984
Erlang Completions157
Rust Completions923
Prolog Completions79
Swift Completions1256
CFML Completions27
Racket Completions50
Reason Completions23
TypeScript Completions522
Elm Completions79
PureScript Completions36
Factor Completions20
C++ Completions2914
Kotlin Completions741
CommonLisp Completions135
COBOL Completions21
Total Stars417
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Total "Very Satisfied" Votes4520
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