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CreatedFeb 12, 2014
PublishedFeb 12, 2014
Warriors Trained593725
Total Skips43887
Total Code Submissions944655
Total Times Completed341214
CoffeeScript Completions726
JavaScript Completions133692
Python Completions115265
Ruby Completions11388
Clojure Completions1109
Haskell Completions3155
C# Completions20622
F# Completions290
Shell Completions1229
Swift Completions2957
TypeScript Completions6031
Java Completions30514
C++ Completions11576
C Completions3323
Julia Completions182
Lua Completions466
Elixir Completions345
Factor Completions25
Rust Completions2814
Crystal Completions38
NASM Completions31
Perl Completions89
R Completions242
Scala Completions230
SQL Completions1672
RISC-V Completions7
PHP Completions1895
Go Completions1510
Kotlin Completions333
Total Stars3162
% of votes with a positive feedback rating89% of 27120
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes21626
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes5008
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes486
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