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Convert boolean values to strings 'Yes' or 'No'.

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CreatedMar 29, 2014
PublishedMar 29, 2014
Warriors Trained400649
Total Skips21285
Total Code Submissions572023
Total Times Completed321569
Ruby Completions8641
Python Completions99102
Haskell Completions2172
Java Completions33992
JavaScript Completions118045
C# Completions19045
Elixir Completions872
C++ Completions17476
C Completions7194
PHP Completions7050
TypeScript Completions4507
Go Completions5701
Julia Completions198
NASM Completions152
Dart Completions2244
Racket Completions126
Prolog Completions86
Swift Completions3070
Crystal Completions53
Scala Completions572
Rust Completions3112
CoffeeScript Completions48
R Completions373
Perl Completions134
Lua Completions397
D Completions31
SQL Completions2921
Total Stars1128
% of votes with a positive feedback rating89% of 20889
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes16906
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes3358
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes625
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