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CreatedJan 21, 2015
PublishedJan 21, 2015
Warriors Trained467075
Total Skips59518
Total Code Submissions841621
Total Times Completed221989
Python Completions85273
JavaScript Completions70245
Ruby Completions7207
Haskell Completions1701
C# Completions13732
Elixir Completions534
Shell Completions369
C++ Completions5968
Java Completions19637
Clojure Completions457
R Completions360
Go Completions3609
C Completions2521
Kotlin Completions2031
Scala Completions725
PHP Completions3773
CoffeeScript Completions27
PureScript Completions25
TypeScript Completions3741
Julia Completions104
F# Completions140
Swift Completions1152
Dart Completions961
Rust Completions1833
NASM Completions26
Crystal Completions27
Racket Completions37
Groovy Completions39
COBOL Completions9
D Completions1
Total Stars4353
% of votes with a positive feedback rating90% of 19518
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes15948
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes3232
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes338
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