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CreatedJan 23, 2015
PublishedJan 23, 2015
Warriors Trained431571
Total Skips40205
Total Code Submissions788879
Total Times Completed254143
Haskell Completions1795
JavaScript Completions95806
Ruby Completions6839
CoffeeScript Completions291
Python Completions76981
Java Completions30530
C# Completions18795
Dart Completions1408
TypeScript Completions4392
C++ Completions13319
Scala Completions909
C Completions5501
Julia Completions163
Elixir Completions322
CommonLisp Completions214
COBOL Completions30
R Completions205
Crystal Completions19
PHP Completions1439
Rust Completions1134
Lua Completions185
D Completions17
F# Completions29
λ Calculus Completions4
Total Stars2124
% of votes with a positive feedback rating88% of 21328
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes16611
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes4259
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes458
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