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CreatedFeb 10, 2015
PublishedFeb 10, 2015
Warriors Trained490942
Total Skips57733
Total Code Submissions757736
Total Times Completed274867
Java Completions29045
Haskell Completions2032
JavaScript Completions86380
Python Completions107502
Ruby Completions8904
TypeScript Completions4454
PHP Completions6684
C# Completions16402
F# Completions252
Clojure Completions575
NASM Completions73
CoffeeScript Completions40
Crystal Completions53
C++ Completions10834
Scala Completions762
Julia Completions168
Racket Completions79
Go Completions3459
Prolog Completions39
Elixir Completions271
Pascal Completions44
Swift Completions947
Groovy Completions56
C Completions2153
COBOL Completions16
D Completions14
Factor Completions8
Rust Completions269
Total Stars4519
% of votes with a positive feedback rating90% of 24056
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes19578
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes4111
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes367
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