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CreatedFeb 12, 2015
PublishedFeb 12, 2015
Warriors Trained31429
Total Skips9589
Total Code Submissions72089
Total Times Completed8059
Java Completions1475
Ruby Completions347
Python Completions1644
C# Completions774
JavaScript Completions1621
Clojure Completions101
Haskell Completions149
CoffeeScript Completions10
C++ Completions589
PHP Completions447
C Completions197
TypeScript Completions188
Swift Completions169
Crystal Completions11
R Completions32
Shell Completions23
OCaml Completions7
F# Completions21
Julia Completions9
Scala Completions45
Go Completions187
Nim Completions3
Rust Completions126
Racket Completions4
Kotlin Completions16
Groovy Completions4
Total Stars434
% of votes with a positive feedback rating84% of 1240
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes903
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes276
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes61