6 kyu

Playing with digits

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CreatedMay 12, 2015
PublishedMay 12, 2015
Warriors Trained333662
Total Skips71255
Total Code Submissions483732
Total Times Completed133374
Ruby Completions3639
Python Completions50551
C# Completions7442
Java Completions13045
JavaScript Completions40156
Haskell Completions1072
Clojure Completions275
CoffeeScript Completions88
C++ Completions5580
PHP Completions2944
Crystal Completions36
F# Completions106
Swift Completions817
C Completions2810
TypeScript Completions2171
Go Completions1646
Shell Completions150
OCaml Completions55
Julia Completions110
Scala Completions375
R Completions181
PowerShell Completions74
Kotlin Completions844
NASM Completions20
Nim Completions24
Rust Completions1269
Racket Completions29
Reason Completions8
Lua Completions126
CommonLisp Completions89
Pascal Completions20
Perl Completions24
Raku Completions5
Elm Completions12
D Completions8
COBOL Completions11
Prolog Completions12
Factor Completions10
Total Stars3376
% of votes with a positive feedback rating90% of 13172
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes10833
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes2127
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes212
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