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Return Negative

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CreatedMay 29, 2015
PublishedMay 29, 2015
Warriors Trained383716
Total Skips18932
Total Code Submissions746336
Total Times Completed327027
C# Completions19781
Python Completions99717
JavaScript Completions128241
Haskell Completions2185
Ruby Completions7141
Java Completions32557
CoffeeScript Completions141
C++ Completions20065
Elixir Completions833
TypeScript Completions4269
Go Completions6110
Julia Completions229
Kotlin Completions3225
NASM Completions175
Groovy Completions199
Scala Completions1028
C Completions8477
PHP Completions5214
Racket Completions141
CFML Completions45
Crystal Completions46
R Completions405
Dart Completions1667
Perl Completions143
COBOL Completions79
Factor Completions26
D Completions35
OCaml Completions186
CommonLisp Completions69
Clojure Completions40
Rust Completions510
Total Stars1324
% of votes with a positive feedback rating91% of 21560
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes18077
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes3093
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes390
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