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Color Choice

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CreatedAug 2, 2015
PublishedAug 2, 2015
Warriors Trained10210
Total Skips2385
Total Code Submissions24153
Total Times Completed1861
Ruby Completions69
Python Completions454
JavaScript Completions318
Java Completions229
C# Completions123
Haskell Completions53
Clojure Completions24
CoffeeScript Completions7
Elixir Completions57
TypeScript Completions24
C++ Completions134
PHP Completions42
Crystal Completions5
F# Completions15
C Completions110
Rust Completions70
Swift Completions31
Go Completions98
R Completions31
Shell Completions11
OCaml Completions12
Kotlin Completions47
Fortran Completions7
Julia Completions10
Scala Completions18
PowerShell Completions12
Nim Completions3
Racket Completions7
Prolog Completions8
Dart Completions20
Pascal Completions6
Lua Completions9
Perl Completions3
Total Stars204
% of votes with a positive feedback rating85% of 355
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes265
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes75
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes15