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Grasshopper - Summation

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CreatedAug 17, 2015
PublishedSep 3, 2015
Warriors Trained128076
Total Skips6492
Total Code Submissions215965
Total Times Completed99179
JavaScript Completions34936
Ruby Completions3538
Python Completions26816
CoffeeScript Completions75
Elixir Completions580
PHP Completions2852
C++ Completions6351
C# Completions5975
Java Completions11885
Crystal Completions77
BF Completions130
TypeScript Completions946
Scala Completions526
Haskell Completions748
Groovy Completions84
Kotlin Completions984
NASM Completions73
Julia Completions94
Dart Completions446
R Completions285
Reason Completions23
Nim Completions42
Racket Completions57
Factor Completions24
Go Completions1403
Clojure Completions245
Elm Completions87
PureScript Completions35
Forth Completions50
C Completions2153
Lua Completions221
CFML Completions24
Erlang Completions78
Fortran Completions33
F# Completions106
PowerShell Completions124
Prolog Completions32
Solidity Completions162
Swift Completions625
VB Completions123
Shell Completions214
Objective-C Completions35
Rust Completions484
Perl Completions89
Raku Completions16
OCaml Completions39
CommonLisp Completions123
Pascal Completions58
Haxe Completions16
COBOL Completions13
D Completions19
Total Stars723
% of votes with a positive feedback rating90% of 9891
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes8109
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes1613
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes169