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A Rule of Divisibility by 7

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CreatedSep 2, 2015
PublishedSep 2, 2015
Warriors Trained38546
Total Skips7476
Total Code Submissions64106
Total Times Completed12331
Ruby Completions343
Python Completions2899
JavaScript Completions2512
Haskell Completions221
Java Completions1625
C# Completions677
Clojure Completions144
CoffeeScript Completions10
TypeScript Completions204
Elixir Completions183
C++ Completions916
PHP Completions458
Crystal Completions22
F# Completions88
C Completions556
Shell Completions132
OCaml Completions74
Kotlin Completions429
NASM Completions16
Julia Completions33
R Completions111
PowerShell Completions72
Go Completions452
Nim Completions15
Rust Completions276
Reason Completions9
Racket Completions40
Forth Completions25
Factor Completions19
Scala Completions120
Prolog Completions21
Fortran Completions18
Haxe Completions8
Dart Completions204
Pascal Completions24
Lua Completions61
Perl Completions28
COBOL Completions9
D Completions12
Erlang Completions18
Total Stars436
% of votes with a positive feedback rating84% of 1701
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes1267
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes326
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes108
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