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CreatedMar 8, 2016
PublishedMar 8, 2016
Warriors Trained301236
Total Skips12518
Total Code Submissions479466
Total Times Completed265134
Ruby Completions7046
JavaScript Completions109532
CoffeeScript Completions218
Python Completions69074
C# Completions14423
Java Completions25483
Haskell Completions1854
Clojure Completions840
C++ Completions12628
PHP Completions6164
Elixir Completions874
C Completions6996
Go Completions4071
Rust Completions2573
TypeScript Completions2373
Swift Completions3384
Lua Completions598
Shell Completions889
Julia Completions307
Groovy Completions157
Kotlin Completions2078
Crystal Completions87
NASM Completions180
R Completions642
Nim Completions105
OCaml Completions200
Scala Completions714
PureScript Completions53
Racket Completions164
Dart Completions1116
Forth Completions73
VB Completions411
Factor Completions36
CFML Completions58
SQL Completions6921
Elm Completions95
Perl Completions96
COBOL Completions59
D Completions20
Total Stars960
% of votes with a positive feedback rating84% of 19652
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes14691
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes3678
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes1283