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CreatedApr 29, 2018
PublishedApr 29, 2018
Warriors Trained59598
Total Skips3682
Total Code Submissions92962
Total Times Completed31547
C++ Completions1615
C Completions880
Crystal Completions18
Ruby Completions789
JavaScript Completions9888
Python Completions8567
C# Completions1499
Haskell Completions270
PHP Completions788
Dart Completions308
TypeScript Completions263
Julia Completions45
CoffeeScript Completions17
Racket Completions28
Reason Completions12
Java Completions2832
Elixir Completions86
Rust Completions397
Factor Completions22
Kotlin Completions465
Clojure Completions136
Elm Completions32
Go Completions774
SQL Completions1525
R Completions153
Shell Completions206
Forth Completions17
Fortran Completions17
PureScript Completions11
PowerShell Completions119
Objective-C Completions20
Nim Completions18
Lua Completions109
Groovy Completions37
F# Completions69
Erlang Completions56
Scala Completions237
VB Completions92
Swift Completions687
Prolog Completions15
CFML Completions13
NASM Completions12
Solidity Completions67
OCaml Completions31
Haxe Completions14
COBOL Completions12
CommonLisp Completions5
Total Stars547
% of votes with a positive feedback rating86% of 3735
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes2901
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes645
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes189
Total Rank Assessments11
Average Assessed Rank
8 kyu
Highest Assessed Rank
7 kyu
Lowest Assessed Rank
8 kyu